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Letter to CD Visitors
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GF food shopping and eating out during your stay in Croatia

Dear friends,


Referring to your inquiry, here are some basic information concerning the purchase of gluten-free products and nourishment in Croatia.

Foreigners/tourists may encounter difficulties trying to obtain gluten-free products in our country. The supply and demand for these products are rather small. The reasons are many.

Firstly, there are fewer diagnosed celiac patients compared to other countries.

Secondly, celiac patients in Croatia get gluten-free flour through their health insurance free of charge, thus baking their own bread, pastries, cookies as well as making their own pasta, noodles etc.

Thirdly, the purchasing power of most Croatians is small (and these special products are expensive).

Fourthly, very few special, gluten-free products are actually made in Croatia.

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